chat gq je di fb

Syazni: moshi mosh…yuuki-san

Me: konnichiwa~

Syazni: konnichiwa ^^ glad that you reply my message(bangga gw !!)

Me ^^ haha~

Syazni genki kana,yuuki-san?!

Me :genki~

Syazni soudeska..yokatta na~ so…what you doing right now?

Me hmm.. browsing about i touch~

Syazni i means other than chat in here…(facebook)

Me haha

Syazni ??

Me itouch~

Syazni itouch???

Me yap iPod Touch

Syazni u touching …what?! (buset mank bhsa inggris gw seancur itu??)

Me hah? apple itouch

Syazni souka..? gomen ne~ yuuki-sna? ano~how about others…junno,koki,ueda..jin and kame? they’ll okay?

Me yap~(gq ngerti? mna gw thu yg lain keadaanya gmna)

Syazni hontou ni?? yokatta~~ happy to hear it from you

Me ^^

Syazni and how a bout your study? it’s okay too?

Me hmm.. not really

Syazni souka..?

Me yap!! huhu

Syazni it’s alot of things that you should handle it alone ne~

Me i cant do my exam today!! yap~ huhu

Syazni have an exam today? oh my…

Me yaap!!~ school exam!!

Syazni what kind of paper in this afternoon? school exam??

Me ehh?? i dont get it

Syazni erk…you taking school exam or university exam,yuuki-san?

Me school exam

Syazni school exam???

Me yap

Syazni now i’m in confuse…

Me why ?

Syazni i thought you already in university… (mank gw setua itu?)

Me hahaha im still in 3rd junior high school

Syazni eehhh…majide??? maji desu ka? ano~are you really yuuki nakamaru???

Me yap

Syazni still confuse but…never mind

Me haha yap

Syazni so…where are you now?

Me dont be strezz ne in my home

Syazni in JE or in your house i see hait…wakatta sankyuu ^^(beeh kyaqnya ni org slah sangka jgn” dy mkir gw Yuichi Nakamaru lgi)


bgitulah chat gw sma org gq je~

dri mna yh

gq au aah~


gw tw bhsa ing gw ancur

jgn diledek!!


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