Jin Akanishi~

Name | 名前: Jin Akanishi | 赤西仁
Nicknames | ニックネーム: Jin, Akanishi, Bakanishi, Bakajin, JinJin
Date of birth | 生年月日: July 4, 1984 | 1984年7月4日
Birthplace | 出身地: Tokyo | 東京都
Height | 身長: 175.6cm
Shoe size | 足のサイズ: 26.5cm (Japanese shoe size)
Blood Type | 血液型: O
Zodiac sign | ゾーディアックのサイン: Cancer | 巨蟹宮
Chinese horoscope | 十二宮: Rat | 子
Best Friends | ベストフレンド: Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久), Hasegawa Jun (長谷川純), Jimmy Mackey, Ikuta Toma (生田斗真), Nishikido Ryo (NEWS, Kanjani8)
Although he does not list Kamenashi as one of his best friends, he does say that Kame is the person he cares most about in the world.
Respected Elder | 人気な先輩: Kimura Takuya
Favorite Johnny’s | 好きなジャニーズ: Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey&Tsubasa), Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi), Aiba Masaki (Arashi), Kimura Takuya (SMAP)
Groups He Stayed in Before KAT-TUN: BAD, J2000
Eye sight | 目視: Both 1.5
Eyelash Length | アイラッシュの長さ: 0.8 centimeters
Shoe Size | 靴のサイズ: 26.5 centimeters
Family | 家族: Dad, Mom, younger brother Reio
Pets | ペット: Maru, Ten, Pin and …?

Akanishi Jin was born on the 4th of July 1984. He represents the “A” in KAT-TUN.
People also call Jin “Bakanishi” (from “baka”, which means “idiot”; because he acts childish and cute), the nickname came from Yamashita Tomohisa (NewS).
Akanishi joined JE in 1998 along with Kamenashi and Nakamaru. At first Jin failed the audition, but then Johnny himself told him to stay.
Akanishi usually sings the hardest part in songs because of his amazing vocal range. He also writes many song for KAT-TUN and himself (“Murasaki”, “Care”, “Love or Like”, “Hesitate” and also “Butterfly” along with Ueda)

Hobbies | 趣味: Anything to do with music, collect stuff, shopping and sleep
Most Precious Thing 一番なプレシャスなもの: Friends and Family
Childhood Dream 幼少の夢: Be a famous Pool Player
Sleep Time: 7 hours
When he joined Johnny’s JR: November 8, 1998
Wanted to go to: America
Special Talent | スペシャルなタレント: Singing & Soccer
Education: Dropped out of high school during his junior year
Expertise: Sleeping XD
Positive: Some level of perfectionist, doesn’t have extreme like/dislike on anything, always hungry
Negative: Impatience, hate to wait for people
Line to Ask a Girl Out: I like you! Please go out with me!
First Kiss 始めなキッス: Kindergarden
First Love 始めな愛: First grade
Favourite Part of Body 好きな本体部: Hair | 髪
Favourite Food 好きな食べ物: BBQ, Pizza, fastfood, roast meat, fish, some kind of Japanese Plum, pickle & watermelon
Favourite Drink 好きな飲み物: Tomatoe Juice, Sports Drink, Tea | トマトジュースとかスポーツドリンクとかお茶とか
Favourite Taste: Sweet
Favourite School Subject : Physicial Education
Favourite Sports | 好きなスポーツ: Soccer, Baseball, fastball, & Bowling
Favourite Colour | 好きな色: Red, Black, White and Silver 赤い、黒い、白い、シルバー
Favourite Flower | 好きな花: Sakura さくら
Favourite Season: Spring | 春
Favorite Animal: Lion, Jaguar
Favourite Place to go | 好きな所: Home, some tea place (I don’t know the name, sorry), and go outside must go out to shop or walk around no matter what
Favourite Things: Songs, Drum, Dancing, & Chatting on phones
Favorite Instruments: Drum, guitar, and keyboard
Favorite Accessories: The ring he wore on his right pinky
Favorite Word: Go!
Type of girl | 好きな女の子のタイプ: Sexy, very outgoing, nice, caring, interesting. Ages don’t matter.
Most Hated Subject | 嫌いな主辞: English (which is ironic, since he is now practically addicted to speaking English XD)
Most Hated Color | 嫌いな色: Golden Yellow
Most Hated Body Part: Waist
Non-Favorite “Things”: Ghost, monsters, & being alone
Scared of | 怖い: Getting up early, English, Snakes, Bugs and Rats or mouse
Bad Habits: Very impatient, Can’t wait for others though he’s made others wait for him
Specialty: Finding things. He says besides that, there’s nothing else

Wants to find something that others cannot copy.
“I hope we can show more personalities. Whenever Kame or I had some unique styles or characters, the others become like us… then I am not unique anymore, so I wish I can create an unique personal style that nobody else can learn.”

He wants to be able to be dependent and not copy what other artists have done. He says so far only him and Kame has found something they can truly do without copying others. He says all the other members are still finding something but right now they are still copying other celebs. Word to Fans: Don’t get sick! Go study! Take a bath! Brush your teeth! Very good! I’m very happy ^___^ I’m also very happy when I’m singing hehehe I hope everybody well stick by my side forever!

I am best at: “I will never give up nor lose in anything. Because I don’t like the feeling of losing, so if you’re competing on that feeling I believe I am the best.
Jin’s message to the fans: “Gambatte!! Be careful!!! Don’t catch flu!!!”
Famous quotes:

“Car shrimp.”

“Go take a shower. Brush your teeth. Don’t catch flu. Very good.”

“I want four children right now.”

Other facts:

He has a little brother Akanishi Reio (17yrs) in a band called “D-Boys”.
When he was younger one of his family members pushed him overboard on a cruise, and he nearly drowned.
Some of his hobbies are: playing the guitar, writing songs, learning English, shopping and computer games.
He originally failed the Johnny’s Jrs audition, but on his way out he met Johnny who liked him and so let him join. (Edited because of translation error)
His type of girl is young, high-school age, plump but not fat, sexy but without acting it, with common sense and nice lips, kind, one who doesn’t dress “scandalously”.

MAY ’05 – At the moment Jin’s favourite thing is sleeping. The first thing he notices about girls are their lips, and he dislikes “scandalous” clothing.

OCT ’05 – What Jin says he has to offer a girlfriend: Nice friends for her to meet, he’ll try his best for her, he’ll go wherever she wants to go, and she’ll be able to sleep with him.

He has a belly-button piercing and one or two ear piercings.
He wanted to be an actor so that he could kiss lots of beautiful women.
He has an obsession with America and England, and wanted to try a homestay in one of the countries someday – which he did in 2007.
He writes more of KAT-TUN’s songs than people think – Ueda revealed that Jin doesn’t take credit for a lot of the songs he makes.
In his sleep he sometimes shouts out words in English (like “Stop!”).
He is very ticklish on his collar-bone.
He says that Yamashita Tomohisa (YamaP) is his best friend, but Kame is the person he cares most about in the world.
His first kiss was with the star of the drama “Anego” (the kiss scene in episode 2), for which he was so nervous that he cleaned his teeth before every take (and had to do about 19 takes).
He smokes.

~ Jin is always mistaken as a player because of his appearance. Ueda said that Jin is a type of person, that wouldn’t talk behind other people’s back even if he’s annoyed at the person.

~ Jin is cohabiting with Yamapi and they said that once they had a giant fight that they didn’t talk for about 3 months.

~ In October 2006, Jin announced that he would be taking a hiatus for at least 3 months because he was going to study aboard. On April 19 2007, Jin came back to Japan and gave a press conference to announce his return to KAT-TUN on April 20.

~ Jin has a younger brother called Akanishi Reio who is 3 years younger than Jin. Akanishi’s mum gave birth to Jin when she was 15.

~ Jin has considered Yabu Kota (Ya-ya-yah) as his god brother. Jin is also very close to Nishikido Ryo (NewS& Kanjani8), Shirota Yuu (D-BOYS) and Hideaki Takizawa (T&T). Jin’s best friend is Yamashita Tomohisa (NewS).

credit: kattunworldwide

wkwk itu gw dpet dri grup yg bru gw msukin AKANISHI TROOP di FB~

yg wrna’a gw ubah itu yg palink menarik perhatian gw..

msa nmanya peliharaannya MARU?!!



dy ska sma yg rsanya mais? kan jrang ada cwo ska manis..


trus wqtu tdurnya 7 JAM!!

gilaa bru au gw aktor & pnyanyi terkenal bsa tdur slama itu..

dy jga bnci sma yg nmanya GHOST!! sma kyaq gw!!

Gol drahnya jga sma kyaq gw~


first love & first kissnya ckckckck..

apa lgi first kissnya KINDERGARDEN!!


knpa dy dikeluarin dri skul??


gk ada grup tntang Nakamaru niii~



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