Yuichi Message for you : ” Konnichiwa nemuidesuka? ”

CREDIT TO: http://nakamaru-kattun.tripod.com/report/magazine.htm



Johnny’s Jr. Q&A special
Q : In the past day,Did you skin-head cut And now why you are change?
A : Yes.. I used to skin-head cut but in the past day it’s fationable.It seems smart-looks that I done but now The fation is change, I must change,too.

Q : Yuichi kun, How do you manage about a lot of fans’ letters?
A : Sure! I will read them.everyday I will recieve more than ten fan’s letter..if don’t read,it’s not good way. I usually read them before go to bed,The fans would like me to read them. When I read one,I will reply,too. It’s a lot! So I have not enough time to sleep cause of this.

Q : Nakamaru kun, Do you have any terrible feared- thing? Can you tell me?
A : I feared a pencil or pen what’s sharp things but now I’m not. About I was grade3, My friend like to prick a pencil to me ” No…I’m afraid” , I told my teacher(laugh).But now I’m not. If I’m, how can I write…

Q : Do you like to keep hamster,really? Why? and do you want to keep others?
A : It’s not only hamster, All little animals, I like.My neighbour keep rabbits, I like to feed them. Cause of I like hamster is In the past day, my aunt’s dog gave birth.It’s a little dogs look like hamster, I like them. They are very cute.

Q : In leisure, I know that you like to play baseballl? How it make your enjoy?
A : I like to play basetball and be a excellent player that I can use a broom to hit a ball (laugh) I wanna be a professional player, too. I thougt that If I am persuaded to be by accidentally play, It’s too wonderful.


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