MV NYC yg terbaru uda kluar!!


itu yg gw tunggu”!!!

NYC! syuting di NYC!!

woo hooo~~~

love this!!

walaupun gw gk bgitu ska sma rmbutnya Chii dstu~

tpi ttep kawaii & kakkoii kok~


silahkan diliat

credit to FB’s owner~


tw gk si!!

msa yh

gw uda punya tu lagu di hp gw

sbelum CM nya kluar!!

CMnya blum kluar gw uda punya lagu fullnya di HP gw!!

mkanya pas gw dgerin gw bingunk tu lgu apaan

gw msukin aj singer nya HSJ

gk twnya NYC!


gw hebad amat yh!!


gw merasa level gw sebagai fan girl naik 1 tingkat!!



akhirnya gw nemu!!


tipe cwe ksukaan Maru!!

TO BE THE GIRLFRIEND OF NAKAMARU YUICHI  [from potato magazine 2010]

❤ you have a black and cute smooth straight hair

❤ you fall in love forever

❤ you try your best at karaoke

❤ you never bully people, i hate that

❤ you are above 17 years old  << kta yg punya ni note sih itu below! *gw below kok!!*

❤ you are a little chubby

❤ you look good in glasses

❤ you dont wear your skirt so short in front of other people except me

❤ you never say bad words

❤ you look good in white and pink

❤ you are a confident girl

❤ you like to go out

❤ you can dance good

❤ you dont compalain if i ask you to sleep in my house << gk bakal!! wkwkwk

❤ you ready to married

❤ you never cut class << bolos?? maap yh Maru!! pernah 1x.. tpi cma 1x doank kok~ itu jga cma o lvlnya doank

❤ you might be spoiled but you are not overly selfish

❤ you want to try beatbox << beehh!! pastinya!!

❤ you are a good foot massage

❤ you are active

❤ you are not talkative << ok.. yg ini.. jdi masalah !! wkwkw

❤ you are a good kisser

❤ your eyes drop a bit at the edges and makes me want to protect you

❤ you are pretty agressive

❤ you dont mind if you sleep in one bed with me

❤ you always with me

❤ you never forget to kiss me every every morning

❤ you are good in cooking

❤ you always wake up me every morning

❤ you are a strong girl

❤ you can be lazy sometimes, but not too lazy

❤ you like kids

❤ you never throw something on street

❤ you like carrot

❤ you keep/protect other

❤ you are good in english

❤ you just stay at your chair while the class time

❤ you dont like gossiping around

❤ you like montain

❤ you have your own fashion idea

❤ you are always smiling and  make really want to kiss you twice

❤ you are easy to wake up

❤ you will like soccer and many sports << i like soccer!! wkwkwk~

❤ you dont care with other guy

❤ you are not too close with boys except with me

❤ you not laugh so loud << mampus lah gw!! T_T

❤ you never yelling

❤ you always smell like a nice shampoo

❤ you are cute

❤ your skin not too white

❤ you are a loyal girl



gw cma bsa comment yg itu doank


bingunk mw comment apaan!!



2 thoughts on “WOOhooo~

  1. Hi! I’m Ana from Malaysia. I randomly googling stuffs about Yucchi and I found your blog^^ I would like to ask your permission to repost this translation (TO BE THE GIRLFRIEND OF NAKAMARU YUICHI – potato magazine 2010)

    Btw, are you the one who makes the translations? Don’t worry, I’ll credit & link of your blog properly. Btw here’s the link of my blog if you wanna take a look http://nakamaruyuichifans.blogspot.com/

    Keep spreading KAT-TUN loves ne~

    p/s: I’m waiting for your answer *bambi eyes*

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