Horikoshi Gakuen Rules!!

Horikoshi Rules:

1. Not allowed to go on relationships. Boys and Girls have different route to get to school. The school rules stated that Boys and Girls cannot get into a relationship. If being discovered by the teacher, they will order the both of them to separate. If not, they will be expelled. In the school, boys and girls cannot talk to each other easily. If they are always together, they will always be noticed by the teacher.    *bgus dh! jdi Chinen gk mungkin jadian sma cwe dsna!! huahahahahahha*

2. The school will be filled with CCTV. Teacher is their guards. In order to protect the idols and rich people in the school,  there is a lot of CCTV in the school buildings.  *YARAKASHI GAK BISA MASUK!! YEAAAH!! PROTECT OUR IDOL!!*

3. Hand phone have restrictions too. They are only allowed to use at specific times. *Pantes Chii jarang sms gw.. wkwk*

4. The fee of the students in TRAIT course is really expensive. As the school will have to go along with the student’s schedule, and protect the student’s privacy. Horikoshi set up a traditional and strict rule. Of course, they will have to pay that amount of money. At the same time, the student must be an artist.

5. Not allowed to eat snacks. At the same time, on the way home, buying of snacks is not allowed. If being caught, they will be left for detention.*biar gak diracunin! wkwk*

6. (ONLY APPLY FOR PEOPLE IN TRAIT COURSE) if the student needs to dye the hair for that period of time, they will have to fill in a form, stating how long they will be in the colour. After that, they will have to dye it black.

The other info about Horikoshi:


Horikoshi Gakuen is a breeding ground for many idols. In the school, it is being separated into 3 different sections.


1. Class for people who wants to go straight to University


2. Class for people who are in the Sports


3. Class for people who are idol.

The school has many idols and sportsmen. They had different teaching methods for those who have difficulties to attend school in the day. So that, the student will not give up on their studies, at the same time, their show biz can be taken care of. Therefore, this high school is a popular high school among the idols of Japan.


The school has a history of 83 years. The goal of the teachers in the school is to let the student become an important member of the society, no matter in which aspect, they could actually survive.


The spirit of Horikoshi is:


1. Having proper manners


2. Following the rules


3. Whatever you are doing, try your very best


4. Having team spirits


5. Hardwork and practices, without giving up.



Full time courses:


1. Continue to pursue on studies, having entering of University as a goal.


2. Combined Sports Course, set up just for the student who are involved in the world of sports.


3. Combined TRAIT Course, set up for singers, actors and etc to be active during high school period. Being able to learn the normal knowledge, at the same time, to learn about the basic knowledge needed during their work.


The school fees are not cheap in this school:


Examination fee: 30,000 Yen


Admission fee: 450,000 Yen


School Fee(every year): 546,000 Yen


Facilities Fee( every year):


Fee per year: 996,000 Yen   (Rp99.600.000)


First Year Fee: 1,296,000 Yen (Rp 129.600.000)


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