and.. again..

and again i forgot this blog’s password ==’

aaaanndddd… what should i write here?

too lazy to write


ahh!! I’ve been so busy for the past 3 months, why?

TWITTER is the answer.

LOL suddenly I have 3 Twitter accounts.

yes I’m busy because of Twitter

my marks were declining..

not sure because of Twitter or because I didn’t make a proper schedule unlike last semester


I will try to be more focussed on my study because of this!

wish me luck!

ah btw, tomorrow is the biggest Event for Indonesian’s Otaku!

which is:…

AFAID!!! yeeeii~~

I will attend day 1, which is tomorrow! can’t wait to see all stars there!

yeii~~ I will meet Danny Choo and Kaname!!!

hope I will get their signatures and photographs!!

so.. that’s it for today!

Jaa ne!