can’t stop myself from posting this new RIGHT AFTER I READ IT!

what news?

1. Junno is currently dating someone (not sure though)

2. that “Someone” is an idol that has no job

3. that “Someone” is opening a new saloon in Tokyo

4. JE is so strict 

and the news which catch my attention the most is the no.4

“Johnny’s & Associates are reportedly keeping a tight watch with Komine’s activities, as long as she’s not making her relationship with Taguchi public, they won’t mind their relationship. Since Taguchi is an idol, one wrong move from Komine and it might cause an inconvenience to Taguchi’s own career.”

that’s what written on the article


okay.. for the complete version of the article, go to >>



and this is out of Topic, but I love my new blog’s theme!! 

love the background also!



see ya~


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