Otanjoubi Omedetou to my second life (?) Twitter!!

maybe most of you have known that I LOOVEEEE TWITTER..


I love to tweet everything that comes to my mind!

(and yes, Im a spammer and Im proud of it! XD)

so guys who don’t know my twitter yet,

FOLLOW ME! : @Yuichi_Nakamaru 


or just click on this link:


and today is the THIRD BIRTHDAY of My twitter account!!


right now, the number of my followers has reached 466 people, while my following is 196 people.

and I’ve tweeted 23.521 tweets! 😀

I would like to thanks my first 3 followers, they are:

@/alfiandd , @/dhidaibbra & @/micheal_knowles

and know what? I don’t even know them and they have following me for the past 3 years! XD

amazing, right? #plak

while my first 3 following are.. *scroll scroll*

*silent* Seriously, twitter?!


why must Radit and his lil bro edgar?! LOL

ahh btw I can’t show you my first tweet.. because..

twitter doesn’t allow me to scroll too much!

not like I’m too lazy or what.. it’s just.. twitter..

ok.. move on to the next thing about my twitter..

I’m following 4 lists right now

and I’ve been followed by 7 lists:


and my current Favorite tweets are:

too many tweets, so i need to edit them before post it here..

ehmm.. can you see it? I’ve made this picture bigger than the other pictures~


ahh!! also look at this!

Danny Choo san replied to my tweet!! TWICE!!

First time!

First time!

Second time!


and with twitter, I’ve made maaaanyyyyy new friends!!!

from both “Fangirls” circle and “Otaku” circle

Ureshii desu!!


I’ve many new imoutos too XDXD

they are: @SHIGEienni @triaandria

when we Online at the same time, be prepare for our spam!

huahahahahahhahaha (?)

okay.. I don’t know what to type here…

i think that’s it for now!!

and once more!!



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