there were so many birthday parties in the past 1 month (?)

that makes me extremely tired LOL but I had so much fun there~ XD

Love it~


I have an extremely bad luck for the past 2 days!


im not kidding!! TAT

so.. these are what happened to me..

1. I can’t watch my Lil bro weeding (Audition) because of DC aaa!!!!

2. I suddenly get sore throat

3. I get a biiigggg scar on my leg!!!! TAT

4.my File is missing!!! and i have an exam on monday!

5.I knocked my head and it’s still hurt till now







Actually i don’t have anything to write here..

ok.. I have maanyyy things to write.. but.. I’m too lazy to type it..

why can’t i just say it and the keyboard types it by itself? 

like what they do in Harry Potter film ==’

tsk, I’m waiting for that technology to be invented, so that i can finish all my (unfinished) FF..(Sorry Fab! XP )


I’m too Lazy..


this is weird..

i always feel sleepy.. but.. somehow..

when i turn on my Lappy (Laptop)..



my sleepiness gone away ._.

i need sleep now!!!

as usual.. my post is..

weird ._.