daily life.. i think ?




ah.. for the past 6 months, I’ve been into my Otaku side..


yes.. my Otaku side that has been forgotten for 1-2 years because I’m too focus on my fangirl side..


and here I am.. come back to my otaku side..


I made a RP account of Twitter.. ah! for everyone who don’t know what is RP..


RP stands for Role Play, and RPer is of course the one who are RPing.


RP is acting as someone/ some chara from anime, game or manga, we can also become idols in social media


RPer usually make their RL (Real Life) becomes a secret (so do I, so I won’t tell you what is my RP acc XP )


I’ve so much fun RPing, I get to meet many different person that love me even though they don’t know who I really am


and actually, It is fun doing RP, you can act as someone else 😀


Looveee it so much!! ❤


and.. other thing that makes me go back to my Otaku side is because..


I’ve been chosen as Otaku Fanbase’s admin (In twitter of course)


again, I won’t tell you what is the acc of that fanbase~ it’s a secret~ XP


since I am the admin of that fanbase, I want to become a good admin by knowing as much anime as I can~




ahh it’s so much fun !!!


and… and… since i don’t want be  what i was before..


too focus on my 1 side (Fangirl) and forgetting my other side (otaku), I try to balance both of them and of course my RL too..


It’s hard though.. really hard actually…


I must keep updating on your idols’ activities, watching animes and do my RL activities too..


ughh.. that’s hard.. really..


especially to keep up with my study.. this university life is hard.. okay? it is hard.. too many assignments to do.. and of course tests and exams..


each test consist of 3-4 chapters.. imagine!! 3-4 chapters!! in high school usually it’s only contain 1-2 chapters, right?!


and each semester we have 4 subjects.. each subject has 1-3 assignments + 1-2 presentations!


and of course the final exam which contain of course all syllabus from the beginning of the semester till the end!




okay.. huuft.. hah.. huuftt.. haahhh~~


okay.. lets go back to the main topic, it’s hard to balance the 3 of them..


but it’s fun! really! because i love all of them~ 😀


I hope I can stay like this for the rest of my life.. lets pray for it okay? XD


ahh!! I just found this Johnny’s Jr Group which is called Sexy Zone!!! yeii~~


Love this group! really!!


wait! I’ll search for the picts of them

yosh!! I present you, SEXY ZONE!!!

My fav member is Nakajima Kento~~!! kakkoii deshou? I think he fits the sexy image the best~ ><

and !! my niban isssss Marius Yo!! I know, he is more to cute rather than Sexy.. but! I love him!! ><

here, I will give you more Sexy Zone Picts~~





Yosh! this will be the end of my post today~ XD

ah! if you want to ask anything about RP or what ever i wrote above, feel free to comment~ XD


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