Teen’s (?)- Pre-Adult’s (?) problem?

Hi! I’m back with another discussion of my real life problem! I want to share a problem that has been bothering me for these past years. for your information, I’m 19 so I don’t know either to call myself a teenager or a pre adult (?). As you can guess, the problem relates to this. So! People around me are calling me childish and too innocent for a girl around my age, so do my parents. Though I’m fine with that, but I am not fine with what my mom asked me.

what my mom asked me is to change my fashion sense/ style to be maturer. This is what I can’t do (maybe for now). To be clearer, I usually wear a t-shirt and a short when going out to a mall. I think I’m what people called as a tomboy, though! I also love cute clothing, this allows me to shift between tomboy clothing style and the cute one. however, my mom or people around me don’t really like it. They thought it’s time for me to appear maturer since I just graduated from my Bachelor Degree. I should be more feminine, wear dress or skirt most of the time and look more expensive (with those branded things they bought me). But that’s not me, that’s what I always think to defend myself.

however, just now they tried to make it clearer for me, why do they want me to change my appearance. that’s because they want me to look more elite, to be accepted with the professionals community, and so on, which are good for me. They said why can’t I look around me when I went to mall, people around my age are dressing herself with makeup, heels, dress, and so on, why can’t I? I like to be like them though, they look so beautiful but I don’t know why I don’t really fond of picturing myself in those styles. I’m afraid to look older that my age, I always love it when people tell me that I look young.

I think it’s time to change my appearance. because I know my mom and people around me want me to be better that what I am right now. I don’t know how can I start since I don’t even know how to put on make up, I don’t have heels (except 1 that is for my presentation test in Univ) or mature looking dresses. Let’s see if I can change myself even though it’s not completely because I want it to be but for my mom or others around me I’m willing to change myself. I hope I can do it though I WILL face many problems when trying to get there.

Yeah.. that’s what I wanna share with Internet people. have you ever felt this way? what do you think I should do? Is this always happen to people around my age? :/ Gimme your thoughts!

*pict of me (not real tattoo~ parents will get super mad if I have one XP )Image

*Btw this post is made 3 years ago on my other blog LOL and since that blog only has 2 posts, I decided to just focus on this one and move the 2 posts here!😄


Australian? Racist? NOPE

Oh hi! This will be my first post in this newly born blog! I would love to clarify about how people said that Australians are racists. I just got back from my trip there and I found that Australia is one of the most tourist friendly countries that I ever visited! Before starting, I think it’s better for me to clarify my race. I’m an asian, an Indonesian to be exact, which makes me look different from the Australians. So I think it’s acceptable for me to say that Australian is not racist since I can be distinguished from them easily. So here’s my experience there.

  • They answer every of your question!

As I never went to Australia before, I didn’t know the street names, the way, and everything else that you need to know when you want to go to an attraction or back to your hotel. And I am so bad in reading a map, so Google Map didn’t really help me. The only thing that I could do is to ask literally every 15 minutes in my way to the destination. Know what? Every time I asked, they answered! EVERY TIME! (Except if they don’t know the way, even if they don’t know, they’ll tell you where and how to get the information or even they’ll use their own google map application to tell you the way!) I’m so grateful that they help me! (If you’re an Australian reading this post, I thank you so much!) Even in one night, when me and my family wanted to go back to our hotel and it’s raining so badly (It’s fall or almost winter over there, so when it’s raining, at night, it’s so windy and cold) and we didn’t know how to get back to the hotel, again.. we asked someone who waited for the traffic light to turn green because he’s the only one around. He didn’t bring any umbrella like us, but still he explain to us clearly how to get back to our hotel, even if the traffic light went red again (I’m so sorry to trouble you! sorry! and thank you!). So yeah.. they are so tourist friendly!

  • They help you even if you don’t ask for help!

So this was a story when me and my family wanted to travel to the other side of Sydney that requires us to take a train. We has used a train before of course, but since it’s the first time we use a train there, it took us a quite long time to know which line should we use. when we examined the lines on the screen, the Australian behind us offered to help. I was shocked that it takes me like 5 seconds to be able to speak to her. I told her where we want to go and he bought us our tickets! (again, Thank you!) this is my first time overseas, that someone offered to help even if you didn’t ask for it!

  • Great Teacher

Okay.. this maybe a bit shameless of me, but my mom asked me to do it. So I just graduated from my Bachelor study and I (really) want to work in Australia (since my Bachelor Degree is from Australian university, I went there for my graduation trip actually.) Knowing this, My mom force me to ask the receptionist of our Hotel to scan my Bachelor degree certificate, she said “maybe they had a job vacancy and ask you to work for them after they saw your certificate (which is of course will not happen) and make sure you ask them if they have one!” with this, I encourage myself to do what my mom told me, except the one that requires me to ask if they have a job vacancy since I’m quite a shy person especially when I don’t know the person. So the only thing I asked is for him to scan my certificate and send it to my email (which he did it instantly!!) and even with all of my courage, I can only ask him about “what is the best University to pursue a master degree in business here?” (STUPID ME!) to my surprise, he answered me!! he explains about the top 8 universities there, his university, his experience, his job, he even taught me that “no matter how good your university is, what really matters is your personal branding, because employer doesn’t care about your University or marks, they want to know if you have a personality, skills that they want or not.” THIS IS! this is the first time someone who I don’t even know teach me something this precious!

so yeah, these are my experiences of the kindness of Australian! Do you have your experience too? tell me!


*Btw this post is made 3 years ago on my other blog LOL and since that blog only has 2 posts, I decided to just focus on this one and move the 2 posts here! XD

Manic Pancic Amplified Atomic Turquoise Review + Tips [Bahasa]

Hola! udah lama banget sejak terakhir update blog ini! Gimana kabarnya? yup Aku baik” aja LOL. Jadi aku finally rela dan beranni untuk nge bleach rambut ku pertama kalinya!! woo *tepuk tangan* jadinya bagus dan aku suka sih tapi!! seperti yang kalian tau, rambutku rusakk (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) Noo!! rambutku jadi lebih kering & lebih kusut gitu pas basah jadia ku harus kasih vitamis terus, tapi selain itu, ga ada yang jelek lagi sih.

jadi aku bakal kasih tau mengenai bleach & ombre ku dulu~

jadi rambutku di bleach ombre gitu (?) di salon korea namanya “Ando and Yun” di mall Baywalk, Pluit. kena sekitar 1,9jt kalau nggak salah soalnya mereka lagi ada promo gitu kalau kita post di instagram. prosesnya sih capein banget karena makan waktu 5 jem walaupun cuma duduk doang LOL. kalau nggak salah bagian bawah rambutku di bleach 2x sedangkan yang tengah itu 1x aja jadi pelan” makin terang gitu ke bawah

itu hasilnya~ aku lumayan suka sih karena itu pelan” jadi lebih terang dan aku ga gitu suka sama ombre yang kayak dari item tiba” jadi berwarna gitu, aku ga bisa jelasinnya jadi aku kasih gambarnya aja.


aku ga bilang kayak gitu tuh jelek, aku cuma ga suka aja. tapi mereka keliatan bagus~! (Korean girlgroup yang aku jadiin contoh ini namanya Red Velvet~) soo yup itu cerita bleaching pertama ku~

Moving on!

setelah 3-4 bulan punya rambut yang warnanya kuning bleach gitu, aku memutuskan untuk sekalian aja warnain secara aku uda ngebleach juga~ ya kan? LOL Jadi aku mulai mencari merk cat rambut yang bagus gitu dan aku baru tau kalau ternyata merk yang bagus kayak revlon atau loreal gitu nggak ada warna yang ngejreng kayak pink hijau ungu biru gitu”. jadi aku mulai cari online buat brand yang punya warna ngejreng, terus aku nemuin merk Miranda, dia punya banyak banget warna ngejreng! dan murahhh banget 1 box cuma 9rb! aku sempet beli 2 box 1 biru dan 1 hijau~ tapi setelah aku tanya tante ku (dia yang bakal bantu aku untuk ngecat rambutku karena dia punya salon) mengenai merk ini dia bilang ga gitu bagus. setelah ngedenger itu aku jadi galau antara tetep pake ini secara aku uda beli juga, atau cari merk lain yang lebih bagus.

setelah berpikir beberapa hari aku memutuskan untuk mencari merk lain yang lebih bagus karena aku takut rambutku akan semakin rusak (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) dan aku menemukan merk MANIC PANIC! merk ini punya BANYAK BANGET WARNA!! terus dari review online sih nggak ngerusak rambut terus aman gitu karena ini produk vegan~ YES! emang sih jauh lebih mahal dari merk yang tadi tapi menurutku sih mending pake merk yang bagusan walaupun mahal, ya ada harga ada barang lah istilahnya~ mengenai harganya aku beli 250rb per botol~

untuk informasi kamu Manic panic itu ada 3 macem produk cat rambut selain bleach & pastelizer (yang bikin warna nya jadi lebih kepastel an) (http://www.manicpanic.com/manicpaniccatalog.pdf)

  • classic: tahan 4-6 minggu, punya 44 warna


  • amplified: tahan 30% lebih lama dari yang classic, ada 24 warna~


  • dye hard: styling gel dengan warna, sekali cuci rambut uda hilang~


jadi dari informasi di atas, aku beli yang amplified karena tahan lebih lama~ 😀

tips untuk warnanya tahan lebih lama adalah:

  • walaupun dicara pemakaiannya disuruh diemin selama 30 menit doang, lebih bagus kalau kamu diemin di rambutmu lebih lama! 5 jam atau lebih
  • sebelum kamu cuci rambut, di spray sama campuran cuka putih 50% + air 50% terus diemin 2-3 menit baru kamu cuci
  • bungkus rambutnya di plastik terus kamu hairdryer~
  • bilas rambutmu dengan air dingin aja tanpa sabun atau kondisioner.
  • jangan campur manic panic mu dengan bahan lain (tercuali pastelizer manic panic) kayak kondisioner karena di manic panicnya sendiri uda ada konsitionernya.
  • kalau kamu bisa, jangan cuci rambutmu 1 minggu setelah kamu cat (INI SUSAH BANGET LOL apalagi buat kita yang tinggal di indonesia yang panas. jadi aku coba untuk keramas kulit kepala aja lol)

itu aja yang aku dapat dari research ku lol

dan cara pakenya:

  • keluarin manic panic nya ke mangkok
  • pake sisir untuk ngeratain di rambut.
  • oh ya! di olesin ke rambut dengan keadaan bersih & kering ya rambutnya!
  • setelah semua rambutmu uda di lapisi dengan manic panic, di bungkus dengan kantong pelastik terus biarin aja ~
  • setelah diemin min 30 menit, bilas rambutnya tanpa mengenai wajah dan dengan air dingin~


ini aku kasih foto di rambutku (dengan & tanpa flash)

itu setelah aku diemin 4 jem an

ketika dibilas, air nya jadi biru~

tepat setelah di bilas~

IMG_7700.JPGsetengah kering~

kering semua~

IMG_7758.JPGitu yang aku pake skitar cuma 1/3 dari botol nya aja~

ini semua update mengenai rambutku!

mungkin nanti aku akan update mengenai warna rambutnya~

see yaa~~

Hair! Manic Panic Amplified! Review? Atomic Turquoise~! ombre! bleach!!

Hola! it’s been super long since I last updated this blog! How are you? yes I am fine. lol. so I’ve finally brave enough to bleach my hair *claps I kinda love how it turns out but!! as you guys have known, it damaged my hair! TAT NOOOOO!! my hair becomes dry and got more knots when it’s wet so I need to give it vitamins from time to time. except from that, I dont feel any worse effect though ._.

okay so I’ll tell you about my bleach and ombre first~

I did my bleaching ombre (?) in a korean salon called “Ando and  Yun” in Baywalk mall, pluit. it costs me around IDR1.9million ($1.800) if i’m not wrong because they had a discount if you post something on instagram. the progress itself is super tiring even though i literally just sat there but i’m not good at sitting still lol. if i’m right, they bleached the bottom of my hair twice, while the middle is only once so it’ll gradually becomes brighter towards the end.

that’s how it looks like~ I kinda like it because it’s fading gradually and I dont really like the ombre that it’s like you chop your hair and put color on it, I dont know how to describe it so just let me put a picture here

red.jpgi’m not saying it’s ugly, I just dont really like it. but they do look beautiful~! (the girlgrooup above is Red Velvet, a korean idol group if you’re wondering who these pretty girls are XD). so yeah that’s the story of the first bleach of my life!! *phew*

Moving on!

after around 3-4 months having that yellow bleaching color on my hair, i decided to just spice things up a little bit, I’ve bleach my hair after all so why not just play with colors?! righhhhtt??~! So I’m looking for good hair dye and realized that good brand like revlon and  loreal dont have the playful colors like blue, green, pink, purple, etc. so i search online for brands that have those colors and I discovered miranda, it has so many color range and super affordable I bought 2 boxes 1 in blue and 1 in green, 1 box is only IDR9000 ($0.8). but!! after I asked my aunt (who’ll be the one who dyes my hair, she has a salon) about the brand she said that brand is not that good. after hearing that I’m confused whether to just use it, i’ve bought them after all or just look for other brand that is better.

after thinking for some days I decided to just look for other brand that is better because i’m afraid it’ll damage my hair TAT and i discover this thing called MANIC PANIC! it beautifully (lol) has sooooo many range of colors!!!! and from the review online it doesnt damage your hair because it’s a vegan product! oh yes!! though it is more expensive but i prefer to just use a safer product, it costs me IDR250.000 (USD 24) per bottle.

for your information manic panic has 3 types of hair dyeing products (let me just copy from their web) they dont let me copy from the web TAT so let me just type it down here TAT (http://www.manicpanic.com/manicpaniccatalog.pdf)

  • classic: it lasts 4-6 weeks, available in 44 shades and put in 4 oz. jar
  • amplified: last 30% longer than classic, available in 24 colors and put in 4 oz. squeeze bottle
  • dye hard: styling gel with color, gone after your wash your hair. available in 50mL/1.66 fl oz tube

so from the information above I bought the amplified one because i want it to stays longer! XD

the tips of using manic panic that I got for the color to stay longer are:

  • even if they say just let it on your hair for 30 mins, it’s better to let it on your hair for longer time! 5 hours or so, that way it’ll last longer in your hair!
  • just before you wash your hair spray it with 50% white vinegar +50% water solution and let it set for 2-3 mins
  • wrap your hair in a plastic bag and hair dry it
  • wash your hair with just cold water without any shampoo or conditioner
  • dont mix the manic panic with other solution like conditioner (because it has conditioner in it already)
  • if you can, dont wash your hair for a week (THIS IS HARD LOL especially if you’re like me who lives in a hot country, since I only colored half of my hair, i decided to just wash my scalp today lol)

that’s all i got from my research lol

and how to use it is just:

  • squeeze the solution into a bowl
  • just use comb to put the solution on your hair
  • put it on your dry and clean hair (make sure your hair is clean and dry~)
  • after your hair is covered with it, wrap it with plastic bag and continue your daily routine~
  • after hours, wash your hair (away from your face) with only cold water~

that’s all~

here I’ll put some pictures of my hair (with & without flash)

that’s after I let the solution on my hair for around 4 hours

when I washed it, the water becomes blueish~

just after I washed it

IMG_7700.JPGhalf dry~

completely dry~

IMG_7758.JPGthe amount that I use is around 1/3 of the bottle~

that’s all the update of my hair!

maybe later I’ll update more on my hair color, how it fades and everything~

see ya later!