Hair! Manic Panic Amplified! Review? Atomic Turquoise~! ombre! bleach!!

Hola! it’s been super long since I last updated this blog! How are you? yes I am fine. lol. so I’ve finally brave enough to bleach my hair *claps I kinda love how it turns out but!! as you guys have known, it damaged my hair! TAT NOOOOO!! my hair becomes dry and got more knots when it’s wet so I need to give it vitamins from time to time. except from that, I dont feel any worse effect though ._.

okay so I’ll tell you about my bleach and ombre first~

I did my bleaching ombre (?) in a korean salon called “Ando and ¬†Yun” in Baywalk mall, pluit. it costs me around IDR1.9million ($1.800) if i’m not wrong because they had a discount if you post something on instagram. the progress itself is super tiring even though i literally just sat there but i’m not good at sitting still lol. if i’m right, they bleached the bottom of my hair twice, while the middle is only once so it’ll gradually becomes brighter towards the end.

that’s how it looks like~ I kinda like it because it’s fading gradually and I dont really like the ombre that it’s like you chop your hair and put color on it, I dont know how to describe it so just let me put a picture here

red.jpgi’m not saying it’s ugly, I just dont really like it. but they do look beautiful~! (the girlgrooup above is Red Velvet, a korean idol group if you’re wondering who these pretty girls are XD). so yeah that’s the story of the first bleach of my life!! *phew*

Moving on!

after around 3-4 months having that yellow bleaching color on my hair, i decided to just spice things up a little bit, I’ve bleach my hair after all so why not just play with colors?! righhhhtt??~! So I’m looking for good hair dye and realized that good brand like revlon and ¬†loreal dont have the playful colors like blue, green, pink, purple, etc. so i search online for brands that have those colors and I discovered miranda, it has so many color range and super affordable I bought 2 boxes 1 in blue and 1 in green, 1 box is only IDR9000 ($0.8). but!! after I asked my aunt (who’ll be the one who dyes my hair, she has a salon) about the brand she said that brand is not that good. after hearing that I’m confused whether to just use it, i’ve bought them after all or just look for other brand that is better.

after thinking for some days I decided to just look for other brand that is better because i’m afraid it’ll damage my hair TAT and i discover this thing called MANIC PANIC! it beautifully (lol) has sooooo many range of colors!!!! and from the review online it doesnt damage your hair because it’s a vegan product! oh yes!! though it is more expensive but i prefer to just use a safer product, it costs me IDR250.000 (USD 24) per bottle.

for your information manic panic has 3 types of hair dyeing products (let me just copy from their web) they dont let me copy from the web TAT so let me just type it down here TAT (

  • classic: it lasts 4-6 weeks, available in 44 shades and put in 4 oz. jar
  • amplified: last 30% longer than classic, available in 24 colors and put in 4 oz. squeeze bottle
  • dye hard: styling gel with color, gone after your wash your hair. available in 50mL/1.66 fl oz tube

so from the information above I bought the amplified one because i want it to stays longer! XD

the tips of using manic panic that I got for the color to stay longer are:

  • even if they say just let it on your hair for 30 mins, it’s better to let it on your hair for longer time! 5 hours or so, that way it’ll last longer in your hair!
  • just before you wash your hair spray it with 50% white vinegar +50% water solution and let it set for 2-3 mins
  • wrap your hair in a plastic bag and hair dry it
  • wash your hair with just cold water without any shampoo or conditioner
  • dont mix the manic panic with other solution like conditioner (because it has conditioner in it already)
  • if you can, dont wash your hair for a week (THIS IS HARD LOL especially if you’re like me who lives in a hot country, since I only colored half of my hair, i decided to just wash my scalp today lol)

that’s all i got from my research lol

and how to use it is just:

  • squeeze the solution into a bowl
  • just use comb to put the solution on your hair
  • put it on your dry and clean hair (make sure your hair is clean and dry~)
  • after your hair is covered with it, wrap it with plastic bag and continue your daily routine~
  • after hours, wash your hair (away from your face) with only cold water~

that’s all~

here I’ll put some pictures of my hair (with & without flash)

that’s after I let the solution on my hair for around 4 hours

when I washed it, the water becomes blueish~

just after I washed it

IMG_7700.JPGhalf dry~

completely dry~

IMG_7758.JPGthe amount that I use is around 1/3 of the bottle~

that’s all the update of my hair!

maybe later I’ll update more on my hair color, how it fades and everything~

see ya later!