Hi guys! it’s been a while!!

just like what the title says, it’s been a while since I updated my Blog~

so, just to tell you guys that I’ve got my Diploma degree!! Yeii~~ claps for me guys, thank you! thank you!


so I went to Malaysia and Singapore on the new year for a week!! with Tama, Mochi and Stacia. pretty fun but a bit boring especially when the rains come!! Geez–

I think the most exciting part from this vacation is when we went to Universal Studio Singapore!! the roller coasters are incredible!! must play them if you go there, kay?! it is a MUST!! ALL the roller coasters!!! ALL OF THEM!! and, there was 1 thing that I can’t forget when we were there.. 

So there is one indoor roller coaster with Mummies theme, to get to play the roller coaster, you need to go through a maze (?) it’s not a maze actually.. hmm.. don’t know what is the correct word for that. the point is, you must walk through a room with many Mummies accessories, statues, etc. sooo scary (at least for me) especially the atmosphere is so scary too!! the light is dim! it’s cold there! and the background song! OMG!!! and we are not allowed to bring our bags there so we need to put our bags, cameras, etc in the lockets. 

we’ve been there once and we want to ride it again, learning from the first experience, that this place was very crowded and the line was sooo long, we decided to let me (the one who didn’t bring bag) go inside first and they will come after they put their bags and things in the locket.. and.. this is where the terrible thing happened. I agree with the decision and went there ALONE! forgetting how the room looks like and how afraid I am of these kind of things..

man!! it’s not like the first one where there were so many people lining to play the roller coaster, this time, it’s completely quiet.. after walking for half a minute, I decided to stop and wait till other people come in and I will continue walking. after waiting for another half minute, there were a group of teenagers coming in!! yeeii.. so I continue my journey (LOL?) I kept looking back every 5 steps.. Thanks GOD they didn’t disappear !!! so we were together (not exactly together) until the end (?).

It was our turn to get into the roller coaster now, but my friends were not here yet! I kept telling myself not to be negative, they’ll definitely coming! because I don’t want to ride that roller coaster alone and that means I must go back to that scary room ALONE! NOO WAYYY I CAN DO THAT!! NO WAY!! So I kept waiting for them and finally they came!! You have no Idea how much I miss you guys!! now, get into that fucking roller coaster NOW!!! #plak 

ah! we got to see our Sesame Street buddies there!!

Image we went to “Funan” in Singapore, if you’re an otaku you must go to this mall!! definitely!! so many action figures, nendo, games, posters, maid cafe here!~



and… on saturday 2nd and 3rd of March 2013, there will be Pre Clash event and the cosplayers from Indonesia are trying to make an went where (lets hope so) 1000 cosplayers are coming!! cool, huh? That’s why I want to do some cosplay too.. I ask my lil bro to cosplay together with me and he agreed ~ so we will complying as soul eater character. me as Dr Stein and he as Death the kid.. or so I thought. 

my Cloth is still not here!! and the event is only 2 more days!! I definitely won’t be able to cosplay as Dr Stein.. and.. me and my lil bro keep talking about who will do Death the kid cosplay? since our cloth’s size is not that different which means I can cosplay as death the kid too..

lets see.. but most probably is I will be the one who cosplay death the kid~

yah~ lets see how’s it going to be~!

and kana me will come!! OMG OMG OMG Im so excited!!!!!!

ok then~ Jaa ne!! >3<