Aku no Monogatari by #TwitternovelaCrew

for those who dont know about Aku no Monogatari, please watch these videos first

Rin’s version : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jinoDKNjx8Q (Aku no Musume / Daughter of Evil)

Len’s version : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwnyPIbt1BA ( Aku no Meshitsukai / Servant of Evil)



Kagamine Len: @Nexafrizz

Kagamine Rin: @Yuichi_Nakamaru

Miku Hatsune & Sakine Meiko : @indiradesu


Len: ojouuu! *smiles *

Rin: get me a drink!

Len: *asking her, what kind of drink she would like to have, as usual*

Rin: for today, lets have darjeeling tea

Len: understood, milady. I shall prepare it like always. What would you like for the snacks, today? *smiles

Rin:  I don’t feel like eating today.. My mind is full of someone from neighbourhood country..

Len:  ..I.. understand. (It’s not her.. I have to keep believing that it’s not her..) *smiles to cover his shock

Rin: .. u know~ that blue haired man from the neighbourhood country.. I like him.. But.. He has a lover already!

Len: *sets down tea set and pours it while listening attentively* and, what did you like about him?

Rin: *blush* eettoo.. His nice & gentle voice.. But! He has a lover already! That woman! I hate her!

Len: *looks below* (even our reason for loving someone is the same..) and.. What would you like to do?

Rin: emm.. U know that 1 girl from green country who has green hair… Kill her!

Len: ..Understood. I will make the necessary arrangements. (I must not be selfish.. This is milady―no, Rin’s wish.)

Rin: and! Destroy the green country also! Kaito is mine! She took Kaito, now she will get the penalty

Len:  *at the green country* “Soldiers! Burn this town to ashes… and capture  the green haired girl!”

(I have to kill my own feelings.. It’s okay, if it’s for her.. If it’s for…)

Miku: *at somewhere in the green country *suddenly got attacked by soldiers* No, what are you– NOOOOO!!!

Soldiers: “We brought her!”

Len: *grips the sword tightly while looking lifeless at her*

Miku: Who…are you and why did you do this to me? What have I done wrong? *looks up to him restlessly*

Len: *mutters …A shadow. I am simply a shadow of the radiant sun. *smiles emptily *draws the sword from the sheath

Miku: *look at the sword terrifiedly* W-what are you going to do with that sword? L-lemme go! Lemme go!

Len: “I don’t have any obligation to answer all of your questions. Now, goodbye.” *stabs cleanly through her heart*

Miku: *at the last breath she grip the sword w/ her bare hands* “I-if you saw Kaito-sama… tell him… I’m sorry.. Sorry that… I had to leave 1st   &…if… If you’re the messenger of the queen…tell her I’m sorry too” *dies*

Len: *sheaths his sword “All of you. Go on ahead to Yellow Kingdom.” *closes her eyelids and carries her gently*

(I’ll bury you with my own hands.. Even if it’s the last thing that I will do.)

*digs up a grave with his bare hands* *looks at her one last time and wipes her fallen tears*

(I don’t even deserve to say sorry to her with this stained hands..) *tears slid down*

*whispers with a coarse voice* why.. Why would you even care about the others even in the brink of your death?!

*pounds the earth with his fist* why.. Tell me… Why?! *shouts to the sky while crying

*stays like that until no tears came out* I.. I have to return to Rin. *wipes his tears* Rin’s happiness is.. my happiness. I have to.. return with a smile. *smiles while looking tired*

I’m back.. Ri–milady. *kneels in front of the throne*

Rin: Len! *stands up from the throne* have you killed her?! destroy her country?! have you?!

Len: Yes… *suddenly remembers the green haired girl words* yes I have, milady. *forces a smile*

Rin: *realizes that there’s something wrong with Len but doesn’t care* yatta! finally! Kaito is mine!! you’ve done a good job, Len!

Len: *bows down* please excuse me, I have to clean myself. I will return at teatime. *says with a monotone and hoarse voice*

Rin: yes, you may go *smile happily* *her mind is full of that blue haired man*

Len:  *3PM* today’s tea is yellow rose petal tea with brioche. Please enjoy it while it’s still warm, milady.

Rin: *looks at the tea & brioche* *smiles at Len* thank you Len! *eats*

Meiko: “THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! ATTACK THE YELLOW COUNTRY!”*orders her forces of thousands of men to invade Rin’s country* “SEARCH     THE ENTIRE AREA, SEARCH FOR THE QUEEN! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS!”

Rin: Le.. Len.. thousands of people are coming here to get me.. what should I do?

Len: here, wear my clothes. I will trade place with you. *smiles while patting Rin’s head to calm her down*

Meiko: “Is she in here?!” *in front of the castle* “Yes! We have confirmation earlier!” “Good!” *broke in w/ forces*

Rin:  *look at the cloth* wont they discover that you’re me? *look at you* *worried*

Meiko: Search every corner of this castle for the queen!”

crowd: “Yes Ma’am!” *the force dismissed*

Len: they won’t notice it because we’re twins. I never cursed my luck that we’re twins, thank you being born with me.

even if thousands, millions, billions, or even the world itself went against you, I will protect you.

Rin: *wears the cloth* *look ate you* is this okay? why are you so kind to me? …

Len: *hugs Rin* I swore to myself that I’ll protect your smile until the end. So, just sit there and laugh for me.

Rin: Len.. *hugs back* sorry for all I’ve done to you..

Meiko:  “Have you found her yet?!”

crowd: “Not yet Ma’am!”

Meiko: “Keep searching till you find her! We will not forgive her!”

Len: I never held anything against you, you have nothing to apologize about. *puts his hand on Rin’s cheek and pull it upwards so that she smiles* ..now go. *push Rin’s back lightly*

Rin: *walks towards the door* *looks back* Len.. wont you come with me?

Crowd: “Milady, we have confirmation regarding where she is!”

Meiko: “Really? GOOD! TAKE ME THERE!” “MA’AM!”

Len: *smiles *push Rin’s back while muttering a silent “Thank you..”

Rin: *runs through the door* *sobbing* Len.. arigatou

Meiko: *open the door by forces after Rin have left* “QUEEN! SURRENDER YOURSELF NOW! YOU ARE SURROUNDED!”

Len *Who’s pretending to be Rin* : (if.. her hand is stained by blood.. Then my hands is dyed with blood.)

don’t touch me with your filthy hand, you insolent woman! *glare with authority and pride

Meiko: “DO YOU NOT HEAR ME?! YOU ARE SURROUNDED!” *screamed to Len who’s pretending to be Rin inside that room*

Len: *raises his voice* Don’t shout to me like you’re one of my equal! Stand back! I can walk by myself. *glares*

Meiko: “You’re so much defiled than me to killed our precious Lady Miku! Soldiers, take her down!”

Crowd: “Yes Ma’am!”

Len: hmph, I already expected that you wouldn’t know how to treat a royalty. Did you not hear my words?

Don’t. Touch my hands. Escort me to the town hall. I won’t run away. *says with a steely voice*

Meiko: *sighs* Very well. I am not pleased to be near you, but I will escort you there. Let’s go, queen.

Len: do not flatter yourself thinking that I like to be near a commoner without a manners like you. *walks behind

*looks at the view on open corridor* (so this is the last time I’ll saw this scenery.) *steels his resolve

—The Next Day—

Meiko: “Folks! Hereby I present you, the damned queen who killed our precious Lady!”

*the crowds roar*

Meiko: “Folks! What do you want to do with this defiled demon?!”

Crowds: “EXECUTE HER!” “YEAH!” *the crowds roar again* “WE WILL GRANT YOUR WISHES!” “YEAH!!!” *the crowds roar again*

Meiko: “Any last sentence, defiled woman?!”

Rin: it’s 3 o’clock already?! *run towards the execution area* *covers her head* *whisper* Len.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry..

Len: *looks at the crowd while the bell rings three times* *smirks* “Ah, it’s snack time.”

*remembers about the old time* ‘Remember, princess. No matter how grim the situation is, you have to look graceful.’

Rin: ‘But I don’t wanna!’

Len: *snickers*

Rin: ‘Len! Don’t laugh!’ *Rin glares*

Len: ‘Suuuure.’ *laughs

Meiko: *disturbs his flashback* “Well Queen? Had anything to say before your final execution?”

Crowds: “JUST KILL HER!” “YEAH!”

Rin: *listen to what the crowd & meiko said* noo!!! Please!! Nooo!!! Leenn!!!

Len: *the crowds grows silent as the bell rings heavily three times* “Ah, it’s snack time.” *smiles happily*

Meiko: “Alright, let’s begin the execution!”*she swings her hand down & the guillotine knife swings down*

Rin: nooo!!!! Leennn!!! Noooo!!! *shouting, but her voice is covered by the crowds’ shouts* *cry* noo!!! Leen!!! Leeen!!!!

Meiko: “Folks, hereby I declare you the death of the defiled queen!”

Crowds: *the crowds roar in joy* “SHE DESERVES IT!”


thus, Len, who’s pretending to be Rin, is killed. The people & Meiko remained unnoticed of that fact Rin is now living with regrets on the small house near the ocean with Haku. The yellow country kingship has been destroyed and its people joined the green country.


-The End-