Teen’s (?)- Pre-Adult’s (?) problem?

Hi! I’m back with another discussion of my real life problem! I want to share a problem that has been bothering me for these past years. for your information, I’m 19 so I don’t know either to call myself a teenager or a pre adult (?). As you can guess, the problem relates to this. So! People around me are calling me childish and too innocent for a girl around my age, so do my parents. Though I’m fine with that, but I am not fine with what my mom asked me.

what my mom asked me is to change my fashion sense/ style to be maturer. This is what I can’t do (maybe for now). To be clearer, I usually wear a t-shirt and a short when going out to a mall. I think I’m what people called as a tomboy, though! I also love cute clothing, this allows me to shift between tomboy clothing style and the cute one. however, my mom or people around me don’t really like it. They thought it’s time for me to appear maturer since I just graduated from my Bachelor Degree. I should be more feminine, wear dress or skirt most of the time and look more expensive (with those branded things they bought me). But that’s not me, that’s what I always think to defend myself.

however, just now they tried to make it clearer for me, why do they want me to change my appearance. that’s because they want me to look more elite, to be accepted with the professionals community, and so on, which are good for me. They said why can’t I look around me when I went to mall, people around my age are dressing herself with makeup, heels, dress, and so on, why can’t I? I like to be like them though, they look so beautiful but I don’t know why I don’t really fond of picturing myself in those styles. I’m afraid to look older that my age, I always love it when people tell me that I look young.

I think it’s time to change my appearance. because I know my mom and people around me want me to be better that what I am right now. I don’t know how can I start since I don’t even know how to put on make up, I don’t have heels (except 1 that is for my presentation test in Univ) or mature looking dresses. Let’s see if I can change myself even though it’s not completely because I want it to be but for my mom or others around me I’m willing to change myself. I hope I can do it though I WILL face many problems when trying to get there.

Yeah.. that’s what I wanna share with Internet people. have you ever felt this way? what do you think I should do? Is this always happen to people around my age? :/ Gimme your thoughts!

*pict of me (not real tattoo~ parents will get super mad if I have one XP )Image

*Btw this post is made 3 years ago on my other blog LOL and since that blog only has 2 posts, I decided to just focus on this one and move the 2 posts here!😄


Australian? Racist? NOPE

Oh hi! This will be my first post in this newly born blog! I would love to clarify about how people said that Australians are racists. I just got back from my trip there and I found that Australia is one of the most tourist friendly countries that I ever visited! Before starting, I think it’s better for me to clarify my race. I’m an asian, an Indonesian to be exact, which makes me look different from the Australians. So I think it’s acceptable for me to say that Australian is not racist since I can be distinguished from them easily. So here’s my experience there.

  • They answer every of your question!

As I never went to Australia before, I didn’t know the street names, the way, and everything else that you need to know when you want to go to an attraction or back to your hotel. And I am so bad in reading a map, so Google Map didn’t really help me. The only thing that I could do is to ask literally every 15 minutes in my way to the destination. Know what? Every time I asked, they answered! EVERY TIME! (Except if they don’t know the way, even if they don’t know, they’ll tell you where and how to get the information or even they’ll use their own google map application to tell you the way!) I’m so grateful that they help me! (If you’re an Australian reading this post, I thank you so much!) Even in one night, when me and my family wanted to go back to our hotel and it’s raining so badly (It’s fall or almost winter over there, so when it’s raining, at night, it’s so windy and cold) and we didn’t know how to get back to the hotel, again.. we asked someone who waited for the traffic light to turn green because he’s the only one around. He didn’t bring any umbrella like us, but still he explain to us clearly how to get back to our hotel, even if the traffic light went red again (I’m so sorry to trouble you! sorry! and thank you!). So yeah.. they are so tourist friendly!

  • They help you even if you don’t ask for help!

So this was a story when me and my family wanted to travel to the other side of Sydney that requires us to take a train. We has used a train before of course, but since it’s the first time we use a train there, it took us a quite long time to know which line should we use. when we examined the lines on the screen, the Australian behind us offered to help. I was shocked that it takes me like 5 seconds to be able to speak to her. I told her where we want to go and he bought us our tickets! (again, Thank you!) this is my first time overseas, that someone offered to help even if you didn’t ask for it!

  • Great Teacher

Okay.. this maybe a bit shameless of me, but my mom asked me to do it. So I just graduated from my Bachelor study and I (really) want to work in Australia (since my Bachelor Degree is from Australian university, I went there for my graduation trip actually.) Knowing this, My mom force me to ask the receptionist of our Hotel to scan my Bachelor degree certificate, she said “maybe they had a job vacancy and ask you to work for them after they saw your certificate (which is of course will not happen) and make sure you ask them if they have one!” with this, I encourage myself to do what my mom told me, except the one that requires me to ask if they have a job vacancy since I’m quite a shy person especially when I don’t know the person. So the only thing I asked is for him to scan my certificate and send it to my email (which he did it instantly!!) and even with all of my courage, I can only ask him about “what is the best University to pursue a master degree in business here?” (STUPID ME!) to my surprise, he answered me!! he explains about the top 8 universities there, his university, his experience, his job, he even taught me that “no matter how good your university is, what really matters is your personal branding, because employer doesn’t care about your University or marks, they want to know if you have a personality, skills that they want or not.” THIS IS! this is the first time someone who I don’t even know teach me something this precious!

so yeah, these are my experiences of the kindness of Australian! Do you have your experience too? tell me!


*Btw this post is made 3 years ago on my other blog LOL and since that blog only has 2 posts, I decided to just focus on this one and move the 2 posts here! XD

daily life.. i think ?




ah.. for the past 6 months, I’ve been into my Otaku side..


yes.. my Otaku side that has been forgotten for 1-2 years because I’m too focus on my fangirl side..


and here I am.. come back to my otaku side..


I made a RP account of Twitter.. ah! for everyone who don’t know what is RP..


RP stands for Role Play, and RPer is of course the one who are RPing.


RP is acting as someone/ some chara from anime, game or manga, we can also become idols in social media


RPer usually make their RL (Real Life) becomes a secret (so do I, so I won’t tell you what is my RP acc XP )


I’ve so much fun RPing, I get to meet many different person that love me even though they don’t know who I really am


and actually, It is fun doing RP, you can act as someone else 😀


Looveee it so much!! ❤


and.. other thing that makes me go back to my Otaku side is because..


I’ve been chosen as Otaku Fanbase’s admin (In twitter of course)


again, I won’t tell you what is the acc of that fanbase~ it’s a secret~ XP


since I am the admin of that fanbase, I want to become a good admin by knowing as much anime as I can~




ahh it’s so much fun !!!


and… and… since i don’t want be  what i was before..


too focus on my 1 side (Fangirl) and forgetting my other side (otaku), I try to balance both of them and of course my RL too..


It’s hard though.. really hard actually…


I must keep updating on your idols’ activities, watching animes and do my RL activities too..


ughh.. that’s hard.. really..


especially to keep up with my study.. this university life is hard.. okay? it is hard.. too many assignments to do.. and of course tests and exams..


each test consist of 3-4 chapters.. imagine!! 3-4 chapters!! in high school usually it’s only contain 1-2 chapters, right?!


and each semester we have 4 subjects.. each subject has 1-3 assignments + 1-2 presentations!


and of course the final exam which contain of course all syllabus from the beginning of the semester till the end!




okay.. huuft.. hah.. huuftt.. haahhh~~


okay.. lets go back to the main topic, it’s hard to balance the 3 of them..


but it’s fun! really! because i love all of them~ 😀


I hope I can stay like this for the rest of my life.. lets pray for it okay? XD


ahh!! I just found this Johnny’s Jr Group which is called Sexy Zone!!! yeii~~


Love this group! really!!


wait! I’ll search for the picts of them

yosh!! I present you, SEXY ZONE!!!

My fav member is Nakajima Kento~~!! kakkoii deshou? I think he fits the sexy image the best~ ><

and !! my niban isssss Marius Yo!! I know, he is more to cute rather than Sexy.. but! I love him!! ><

here, I will give you more Sexy Zone Picts~~





Yosh! this will be the end of my post today~ XD

ah! if you want to ask anything about RP or what ever i wrote above, feel free to comment~ XD



there were so many birthday parties in the past 1 month (?)

that makes me extremely tired LOL but I had so much fun there~ XD

Love it~


I have an extremely bad luck for the past 2 days!


im not kidding!! TAT

so.. these are what happened to me..

1. I can’t watch my Lil bro weeding (Audition) because of DC aaa!!!!

2. I suddenly get sore throat

3. I get a biiigggg scar on my leg!!!! TAT

4.my File is missing!!! and i have an exam on monday!

5.I knocked my head and it’s still hurt till now





Yo guys! Yuuki is here!

ok.. today I’ll post about AFAID (day 1 only though T_T )

so, this was the first AFA that is held in Indonesia!

AFAID was held on Saturday and Sunday, 1st -2nd Sept 2012 in Hall A PRJ and started at 9 AM..

however, even though you’ve reached there at 9AM sharp, you can only get into the Hall 1hour later, why?

yap! as you can see on the picture above, the QUEUEs were long as hell!

this is the picture i got when i finally able to got in!

and there were 2 types of ticket, 50k and 125k.

the difference is, the 50k ticket won’t be able to enter the stage and the 125k one are able to watch the stage’s guests.
and there is another difference between there 2 tickets, for 125k ticket, you’ll get a bracelet. so in total the 125k ticket’s owner will get these:

and i got into late at that time, i couldn’t watch Kaname! T_T

but from the informations i got from my friends who were able to went in first, Kaname shared about his costly properties. he also shared about the process of making those properties! (yes, even Kaname made his own properties) too sad i couldn’t watch it! T_T

i only could get into the stage when Vivian Wijaya-san is on stage! she is a mangaka from Indonesia!

and know what?! She was a DOCTOR! and she became a mangaka right now! I really amazed by this fact!
she told us about how she studied to draw in Japan, the obstacles she faced, his Drawing school and her new Manga which is released in AFA!! XD

and after her, we had the Anisong Stars!!!!! XD  Bless 4, Ichiro Mizuki, Lisa dan 7!!
they tried to talk in Indonesian language! pfft~ thank you very much! i appreciate it!

example: Selamat Siang!!! Apa Kabar!!


Lisa chooooooo kawaii !! ( i know she is very cute from her picture, but if you see her in person, she is sooo cute!!),  7!! they are so hyper !! (there was a member who can’t stop jumping! XP ) , Bless 4 , so elegant~( there is a member who can speak english!), dan Ichiro Mizuki made us laugh!! (he tried to speak in english!) XD

even though they can’t speak in english, we still have a translator which is the host, Danny Choo! but it’s better to hear it directly from the artist, right? XD

here, they also announced their products which is sold in the stand.

7!! will sign on the CD you bought from AFA at 4 PM!

and Ichiro Mizuki also sold his cool scarf  which will never get limp! XD

and after this, we have DANNY CHOO!! Yeii the Host of AFAID!

for the person who don’t know who is Danny, he is a famous Otaku blogger from england who moved to Japan. the content of his blog is about JAPAN, which has been translated to many languages (there is no Indonesian though)

beside his web, he also has videos named ‘Culture Japan’ which can be watched in Animax, Youtube and Crunchyroll ~

he told us about his characters “Mirai chan and her friends!” he also introduced 2 new characters who haven’t get a name yet. XD

and starting from Danny Choo performance,  we can (Finally) take a picture!

I’ve took a picture, but the picture doesn’t turn out too good T_T so i won’t post it here ..

here, we also have a technical error, the screen suddenly turned off (?)

ok, it was accepted that there was a technical error, however!!

when the screen was dead, Danny asked for help but.. no one help him!


after 5-10 minutes, finally someone came and helped him.

the AFAID crews were so not professional..

I hope Danny won’t be disappointed with Indonesia because of this.

he also shared some of his motto (?), like: *I don’t remember each words but the meanings are still the same*

1. “Live the life you want and not the expectation of the others”

like Vivian-san, she changed her occupation to  mangaka from a doctor!!! wow

2. “always think of the long term instead of the short term”

like, it is okay to do some unpaid works but you’ll get experience and knowledge from it!

3. “ if you have talent, show it!”

like one of his illustrator from Indonesia, he shared his illustration of mirai chan to Danny and Danny likes it! He then gave that person some tests and that person can passed all of the tests given by Danny. This illustrator then work for Danny formally and being paid of course, he also will be brought to Japan!! OMEDETOU!

Those words are so cool,right? *nod*

Here we also have a special guest! The boss or Ikemen (what Danny called him) of “Good Smile Company”! XD

He said something like this (again I cant remember the exact words) *ehem*

” it is really unpredicted that the number f person who will join us today is this much. While in the first AFA Singapore, the number of Otakus came is not this much! With this, it is impossible for the other Otaku Company to not taking Indonesia into their destination place!”


After Danny Choo, the stage is filled with Indonesian Cosplayers! They are all good!! And they will be judged by : *Jeng jeeengg*

Kaname-sama!!, Akatsuki san!! dan Richfield (cosplayer from Indonesia

The winner of this competition will represent Indonesia in the International Cosplay competition!! (GANBATTE GUYS!!)

And from an amateur’s view like me, they are all amazing!

The cosplayers, the properties, the sound effects, the stories, the expression.. COOL!!! (I’m speechless)

This is the picture of Kaname-san!!!

Yosh! Every J-event like this, we always have cosplayers right? And these are their pictures that I got!!!


on the side of the road, there are some collectors and players of card games.. they share their collections and play them~

ok.. maybe some of you ask for the review of the exhibition..

too bad I couldn’t get into the exhibition T_T

why? Because the break time given every guest changes (?) is not enough to be able to go out from the stage area and went into the exhibition area and then comeback to the stage..

there are too crowded in front of the stage and exhibition entrance doors! T_T

so I decided to stay in the stage area because I don’t want to miss a thing (remember about Kaname T_T) but….


I asked my friends to buy it for me~ XD

Next year, on AFAID 2013 I will definitely went there at 7:30 !!!

Ok this is it the review of AFAID from me!!

Jaa Minna san!~~

Ah! To see the Indonesian version of this review, just go to: http://korban-anime.blogspot.com/2012/09/afaid-day-1.html


and for Indonesian who like Danny chop, like our Facebook Fan page here:


sinchia!! it must be fun!! when something happened


hari ini gw ngumpul” sma keluarga besar seperti sincia” kmarennya

muter” sana sini~

tapi.. ada kejadian bkin gw syok!!

guess what?!

jadi kita pas uda slesai muter”.. kita mw makan ..

jadi kita mutusin untuk makan di empo!

(kita disini adlah gw & kluarga besar *kecuali pin” dy ga ikut*)

jadi pas slesai makan gw ga bisa diem..

jalan sana sini..

gw liat ada kakek” jalan pke tongkat ke arah gw..

gw perhatiin tu kakek” jalannya gemeteran sambil tangan 1 lagi kyak beku gitu?

ciri” org stroke lah~

jadi gw kasih jalan..

nah! beberapa saat kemudian..

pas gw lagi berdiri perhatiin mama gw yg baru beli air tebu!!!

tu kakek” jalan lagi ke arah yg berlawanan ( klo ga ngerti.. maksud gw tu kek” bulak balik lah)

tiba” tu kakek jatuh ke kaki gw!

gw syok! tu kakek tiba” kepalanya ngetok lutut gw!

gw lgsung spontan megangin kepalanya!

pas jatuh tu kakek” tba” ada air!

baju gw basah semua!

pas gw megangin tu kepala kakek”..

dipikiran gw cuma..

“ini air dari mana?! bukan muntahan kakek ini kan?!”

gw cari” botol air di sekitar gw..

mungkin aja s=kesenggol sama dy trus tumpah!


ternyata ga ada!

gw syok!

mampus gw! jgan” bneran muntahannya lagi?!

degg deg..

setelah sekitar 10 dtik..

baru security (yg ada tepat didepan gw!!!) bantuin!

org” lain juga pada ngumpul bantuin!

tu akek” diseret..

and gw bebas! ga megangin kepalanya lagi..

walaupun gitu..

badan gw masih syok! ga bisa gerak!

gw cuma bisa liat mereka smua ngumpul disitu..

tu kakek” uda ga bisa gerak kali ..

pokoknya uda sekarat abis! kata mama gw.. uda pucet bgt!

pada teriak” “sendok!! sendok!! tahanin mulutnya!!”

biar lidahnya ga kegigit!

nyokab gw (yg kepo abis! tapi untuk hal ini.. untung dy kepo!) ngambil sendok yg ad di meja tempat kita makan tadi terus kasih ke mereka..

ternyata tu mulut kakek”a ga bisa dibuka!

istri (mungkin?) nya lagsung maksa buka mulutnya trus masukin jarinya gtu!

buat nahan in mlutnya biar ga gigir lidahnya!

terus ada cucunya juga disana!

sumpah! dy nelpon” ga jelas!

dy berdiri.. jongkok..

bukany nelpon ambulans!! azz ==’

terus tba” ada yg bilang pake kecap! (sumpah! apa coba ini? mw di goreng?)

jadi mama gw sibuk mintain kecap ke “fiesta” secara itu kejadiannya di sebelah viesta!

akhirnya setelah dapet mama gw kasih tu kecap ke mereka..

ehh ga ada yg ngaku siapa yg bilang “mnding pke kecap aja”

jadi tu kecap ga guna –‘

terus akhirnya setelah securities  yg lain dateng.. tu kakek digotong ntah kemana..

gw yg masih syok berdiri siituu diem ampe tu kakek” ga kliatan lagi..

setelah itu saudara gw (kevin) yg ada di sebelah gw ngajak gw ngomong

“sumpah ce! kaget! tadi dy jatuh ke aku!! aku lagi minum! airnya sampai tumpah!”

bagaikan dapet 1 juta! gw langsung teriak dengan senengnya!

“jadi ini air kamu?!”

“iyaa” kata dy!

“amin! sumpah gw pikir gw abis dimandiin air muntahan tu kakek”! kata gw

akhirnya gw tw cerita lengkapnya!

tu kakek” pertama jatuh ke pundak saudara gw yg lagi minum!

saudara gw refleks menghindar..

trus kakek”a jatuh ke lutut gw!

gw refleks lagi meganggin kepalanya

begitulah ceritanya!

huuft~ bner” dah saudara gw  ini!!

yg bikin gw + kluarga gw kesel adalah!

kenapa ni kakek” yg kena stroke ini dibiarin jalan sendirian?!

kenapa ga ada yg megangin?!

ama gw yg masih sehat aja klo kita lagi jalan” ada yg megangin!!

terus kyaknya tu kakek lagi nyari kluarganya deh

(secara dy bulak balik)

bener” deh!!

tapi untunglah istrinya baik! dy relain jarinya digigit gitu!

kata papa gw pasti robek!

secara kan gigitnya keras bgt!!

ckckc~ istri yg baik!!

abis ada kejadian ini..

minat gw buat jalan” dulu hilang!

gw lgsung mnta balik!

pembicaraan ini jadi  topik hangat dimobil pas perjalanan pulang..


actually I don’t have anything to write~ ==’

I don’t know what must I write here..

suddenly i feel like I must update my blog..


because I found an interesting blog made by another gandhi’s student!!

that Blog is so cool!!

I love his writing style!! and his stories are exciting especially the one with a kidnapper in it!!!


I can’t  give you the name of that blog owner~ because..

I don’t even close to him~ we rarely talk to each other! LOL~


what must I type here?

Lets see..

im tired of using english! my grammar is horrible! buakakka~ << proud of it? ==’

jadi ini foto pas gw lgi bungkus undngan gw! tepatnya pas lgi masukin undangannya ke plastik

trus lemnya kan di cover-in sama kertas gtu.. kita hrus cabut kertasnya biar bisa nempel..

nah. kertasnya ga mau coppot dri tgan gw ==’

pdahal ga ada lem sama sekali..

rasanya itu kyak ada magnet” gtu.. ==’

ampe stress gw itu ga ad yg mw cpot! ampe gw gosok” biar copot! LOL

that’s the condition

this one is the questions~

its freaking hard man!!

jadi ini tu pelajaran “Finance!”

kita di  kasi rumus” yg bnyak bgt dlem sehari!! ada 14an kali

and setiap rumus tuh beda”!!

cara kerjanya itu kyak Physics! yg harus di puter” rumusnya!

mau mati gw! susah!!!


moga” gw pass deh subject ini!!

teerus ACC juga mulai ada rumus” mengila!! CM%, CMu lah!! alaah~ stress gw


ps pel ACC tadi.. si Stand *nma disamarkan* dapet BBM gtu kyaknya..

katanya DPR bakal bkin toilet seharga 2M?

jadi itu bahan bicaraan kita tadi! LOL~

jadi si Stand sama Mehek *nick dy* mikir.. itu toilet ada apaan aja ampe 2M gu?

jadi mereka bales”an! ngakak dah!

katanya toiletnya ada tombol” otomatis!

klo bosen bisa pencet tombol buat manggil presiden dll

klo laper bisa pencet tombol makanan (makanannya dibuat dari apa yg u produksi di toilet itu *ehem.. boker*)

minum jga sama aja..

ada tombol buat cebok gtu” dah..

terus bisa facial, lulun, pijet, reflexy semua pake apa yg u produksi di toilet itu..

ada sistem bank nya lagi! jadi kalau yg di produksi ga cukup, bisa mnjem dari toilet lain! LOL~

bisa milih.. mau toilet presiden, atau yg mna.. LOL~

ada securotynya juga..

nnti securitynya liatin mulu.. pantau, ni org uda slesai apa belum..


klo gw yg cerita kyaknya ga lucu.. tpi itu lucu! sumpah! wkkw~

thats it!!

what must I write next??

oohh !!! I remember something!!

today is my Chinese birthday!!

its exactly 1 week before my exact birthday! LOL~

and today! my chinese age is 19 y.o!

I’m getting older!! T_T

but its ok..

i hope i will become wiser too as I’m getting older!


will that happen?


and today! I get a link of a website!

there, we can DL as many anime as we want!!

sugoii!! XD


thats the link!!

try it guys!!

Im downloading right now! LOL~

hope the anime can be played in my lappy! XD

i think thats enough for today! LOL~